By not pursuing the lead, they may have allowed the notorious Great Basin Serial Killer to get away. And he got me so into it!” she said. “My wife will go running alone,” Steve says. Spence thought the situation had taken a turn to harassment. Burnt Gulch, average elevation 7,860 feet, is not far from where Amy was marking her 10K route, and was a favorite elk hunting and trout fishing spot of the Eaton brothers. You’ll know the questions before they’re asked. Amy and Steve had been married for just over a year and both worked part-time at Wild Iris, the local climbing shop. It seems crazy when you say it out loud. The next day horses and helicopters joined in, and by the third day, the search area had been expanded to a 30-mile radius—a big wheel of rough country. Sheila Kimmell, Lisa’s mother, mentions Amy’s case in her 2005 book The Murder of Lil Miss, and is very well versed in other disappearances and homicides connected with the Great Basin Murders. By then, Steve had already been interviewed four times by investigators, and Spence advised him to refuse the FBI’s request to take a polygraph test. He had a stay of execution in December 2009 with his lawyers arguing that he was mentally unfit to stand trial In November 2014, a U.S. district judge overturned his death sentence which was commuted to life in prison. Maybe it was 2 o’clock. Steve’s girlfriend ended up leaving. “Nowadays, everything is viewed as a homicide. Inside his trailer, authorities also found women’s clothing and purses, and newspaper reports about other murdered women. Its headlamps cast twin beams of light that pierce the midnight blackness. ... the other Baldwin wife, bares all on Hilaria, faith and Justin Bieber. When I met with Nels Wroe, he brought up the subject before I could ask. Nel noticed that Amy had some bruising but she made a joke, saying that Steve can get a little rough sometimes. “She was so cool, Jon. Steve makes a few calls. Genealogy for John Bechtel (Bealer) Wingard (1812 - 1875) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. This brought cheers from the field. Ellen Sturm is a lawyer with Cellino & Barnes law firm and was Steve Barnes' girlfriend. She’s not sweating. Ellen DeGeneres Steve Granitz/WireImage. But after Richard Eaton called police with his suspicions, the detective dismissed the tip, choosing to believe instead the word of Dale Eaton's niece, who said he was visiting her in Greeley, Colorado on July 24th. You look through history and these tragedies happened in order for wonderful things to happen.”, There’s a tendency to talk about Amy-the-victim rather than Amy-the-person, especially when you’re badgered by law enforcement and writers, but it’s clear Steve thinks about Amy often. The Bechtels were tenants of the neighbors who would eventually find Amy’s abandoned car, Todd Skinner and Amy Whisler. “The Utah Criminal Tracking Analysis Project suggested that the Great Basin murders stopped around 1997. She’d first planned to stop to see her boyfriend in Cody, Wyoming, but she never made it. The question persists, obscured in a Great Basin haze. He has made nearly 300 first ascents on 6 continents and has been to the top of some of the world's hardest big wall climbs. You’re just worried. Business & Corporate Services. Spence would later say that he believed King used Amy’s case as a grandstand to help him get elected sheriff. Steve Bechtel is a nutrition expert, performance coach, and personal trainer. Stunningly, Durst appeared to confess to the killings over a hot mic during the show’s finale, and the night before its airing he was arrested by the FBI for one of them. He was the chairman of the Bechtel Corporation until April 2017. “I actually got along with Amy better than I did with Steve in Australia,” Lightner will say years later, reflecting on the constant skepticism he received from investigators. Odd, he thinks, a runner on the third switchback of the Loop Road. The mysterious Utah monolith - dropped by Aliens or just art? Scared and angry.”. But the way polygraphs are, if you really wanted to rule yourself out, you’d take one.”, “This is a whole different generation,” Steve, now 46, says. Eight days later, two fishermen found her body in the North Platte River near Casper. There was a lot of stuff that was lost.”, “King rolled in a week late,” says John Gookin, Ph.D., a search-and-rescue expert who helped coordinate the mountain search for Amy. Je kent ons van merken als, Power Unlimited,, JFALL, Computer Totaal, IPON en vele anderen. The company is a Wyoming Domestic Profit Corporation, which was filed on April 28, 2008. Steve Bechtel left Lander for Utah after Amy disappeared. Steve then retained the counsel of Kent Spence. In college, Bechtel was a competitive long distance runner, and hoped to try out for the 2000 Summer Olympics.. 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The rock wasn’t that great for climbing, had been a slog to get to, and wouldn’t have been worth the effort. Ellen Bechtel, along with her husband, Steve Bechtel, own and operate Elemental Training Center, in my hometown of Lander, WY.You may recall from my fitness journey blogs, that Steve is my coach, and I work out at Elemental.. We’re in this together. But a sample of his DNA was taken whilst he was incarcerated. That’s why, beyond closure for the Wroes and Bechtels, Amy’s case still matters, why Richard Eaton’s tip, delivered years before his brother was known to be a killer, still matters. As being a husband and wife, the duo shares their net worth happily resides in their house in the States. He has been instrumental in developing climbing around the Lander area from the 1990s to present day. Police finally spotted his van more than a month later on a short dead-end spur road near Dubois in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. But it would take a full week after Amy’s car was found for the area around it to be declared a crime scene. She knows as well as anybody the story of Amy.”. The couple first met when Nancy took Steve's improv class at the Second City comedy troupe in Chicago. [The investigation] was not good for at least the first three days. Eaton was due to stand trial that fall on a manslaughter charge after killing his cellmate with a lethal punch to the man’s vertebral artery—but he was never convicted. A shotgun was found in his van, leading to his imprisonment on federal weapons charges. Alexandra Cohen is the lovely wife of hedge fund billionaire Steven Cohen, known in the industry for running SAC Capital, one of the most successful hedge funds ever. It's a Thursday. Lightner, and the trip to Dubois, will be Steve’s alibi. A handwriting analysis from the note left on Kimmell’s grave also matched Eaton. Their concerns about Steve grew a few weeks later when they were presented with previously undisclosed information about the search findings and Steve’s journal entries. The search began with just Steve and two dozen of his friends, but later that day there were ATVs, dogs, dirt bikes, and over 100 volunteers looking for any sign of Amy. A large color photograph of smiling, blond-haired Amy had been hastily screen-printed on the front, along with the words HAVE YOU SEEN AMY? Race morning was a sunny autumn day on the eastern shoulder of the Wind River Range, and 150 or so runners gathered for a bittersweet attempt to actualize the 10K course that Amy had been working on when she’d gone missing. In July 2007, the 10-year anniversary of her disappearance, Roger Rizor, the detective who succeeded Dave King on the case, commented on the cold case to the Billings Gazette. True crime mysteries have always captivated America, in the same macabre way a car accident attracts rubber-neckers, but they’ve struck a cultural nerve lately. “It was funny,” Steve says. The story was featured on Unsolved Mysteries, The New York Times covered it, and Runner’s World went so far as to put Amy’s photo on its cover in January 1998 for a story by John Brant. In 2010 Detective Sergeant Zerga’s travelled with an FBI agent to Colorado to try to interview Eaton but he refused to speak with them and with the threat of the death penalty no longer hanging over him the investigators had little leverage. As Bryan Di Salvatore, a Montana-based writer who reported on the case for Outside magazine in 1998 puts it, “That town was freaked out. “We didn’t close off any vehicles. eco-radical Dave Foreman. — -- Ellen Page's announcement that she married Emma Portner came as surprise to many fans. But Steve had an alibi. He has made nearly 300 first ascents on 6 continents and has been to the top of some of the world’s hardest big wall climbs. There were other things she hadn’t yet done, or at least hadn’t yet checked off the list. After a  struggle, Eaton was stabbed with his own knife and left whilst the family drove away at speed. Steve tells me he still regrets bringing Jonz to Dubois with him the day Amy disappeared, since she most likely would have taken the dog on her run. I live in Lander, Wyoming and I moved here for rock climbing in the early 1990s and I now own a climbing gym and fitness center with my wife. And luminol picks up any type of blood splatter, whether they paint over it or whatever.” The dogs found nothing and the luminol tests came out negative. Amy also waited tables at the Sweetwater Grill and taught a youth weight-lifting class at Wind River Fitness Centre They had recently bought a house in Lander and planned to move in during the coming weeks. “It breaks your heart,” Steve says. The sewer line from his decrepit trailer house had been run into it—he’d been using his victim’s car as a septic tank. Eaton was due to stand trial that fall on a manslaughter charge after killing his cellmate with a lethal punch to the man’s vertebral artery. Since 2006 Steve has owned and operated Elemental Performance + Fitness, Lander s climbing gym and training center, with his wife Ellen. She was wearing yellow or gold tank top, blue or black shorts, Adidas Trail Response sneakers, a Timex Ironman Triathalon watch and a small double wedding band on her left ring finger. Eaton, however, failed to report to work on June 16, 1998, and a warrant was put out for his arrest. A 10K seemed like the best thing for exorcising anxiety, in part for lack of knowing what else to do—and because it was what she had wanted to do—and it got a little media coverage that kept the search alive. You don’t want that to be compromised.” He seems to understand that people want answers because they can’t accept that something as simple and pure as running could end in terrible tragedy. But no evidence of torn clothing, blood, body parts or bones has ever been found. He shows me the garage, where he and friends ran the recovery effort. Still, there are elements in the case that puzzle the detective. Elle is from Mongolia. In 1997, Lander was on the cusp of becoming an elite climbing town and, in that world, Skinner—and to a lesser extent, Steve—were stars. Steve, 27, grew up in Casper, the son of Thomas Bechtel, an architect, and Linda Bechtel, who is the director of a school for developmentally disabled children. A $100,000 reward out for information leading to a resolution of Amy’s case was enough to cast suspicion on Richard’s motives. And they’re not gonna be questions like, ‘Did you kill your wife?’ They’ll be questions like, ‘Is it true the last time you saw your wife, alive, was the morning you woke up and went to Dubois?’”, I point out there’s not an attorney in the West who would advise a client to take the test, and Zerga agrees. Amy Wroe Bechtel, an Olympic Marathon hopeful, left her Lander, Wyoming apartment to run errands at 9:30 a.m. on July 24, 1997.. Amy was spotted at a photo store at 2:30 p.m. that afternoon. “Though I am constantly aware that he may be responsible for Amy’s disappearance,” she writes, “it’s very difficult to allow my mind to dwell on this, knowing what he has done to his victims. Meanwhile, Steve, authorities, Amy’s family and friends—America—will rewind the clock on that single day, patching together hazy eyewitness accounts and scarce facts in hopes of uncovering what happened to the runner who never came home. Become the owner of this obituary to manage the guestbook, edit the notice, and more. His contributions are highlighted in the 2013 film Wind and Rattlesnakes. Steve—rarely seen without a baseball cap—has short gray blond hair and the modesty and forearms of Peter Parker. After her family buried her, a strange note signed “Stringfellow Hawke” was found on Lisa's grave. “After the initial search shut down,” he says, “as we started realizing we weren’t just looking out in the woods for her, we moved to a nationwide search the best we could.”. His wife, Nancy Ellen Carell (née Walls), is an actress and writer. Glenn E. Bechtel . On June 16, 1998, he failed to report to work despite strict parole conditions and a warrant was put out for his arrest. But then how are you supposed to act when your wife disappears? Now, just as then, cowhands sit on stools next to “rock rats” at the historic Lander Bar, the prominent watering hole that happens to be owned by a climber. There were NOLS employees and a posse of hard-core climbers who run to stay in shape but don’t consider themselves runners. In July 2007, the 10-year anniversary of her disappearance, Roger Rizor, the detective who succeeded Dave King on the case, commented on the cold case to the Billings Gazette. You know what, let’s do the polygraph. This happened a couple of years ago when they followed a scent down Burnt Gulch and stopped at a depression. The disappearance of Amy Bechtel, At 4.30 pm, Steve Bechtel, returned home and was surprised not to see Amy back at the house. And she still needs to design the fliers, plan for the road closure, measure the course…. She sits down to make her list. Fun fact: She was also a Saturday Night Live cast member during the 1995-1996 season.. A tip came from a man named Richard Eaton, who told the Sheriff that his itinerant brother, Dale Wayne Eaton, may have been involved. Although each family member responded differently, their frustrations with Steve’s lack of overall cooperation and engagement with the investigators lingered. Ellen DeGeneres hit it big as a stand-up comedian before starring on her own sitcom, Ellen. The incident got Eaton’s brother, Richard, thinking. According to Ellen’s mother and the talk show personality herself, we shouldn’t be expecting the pair to be expecting any time soon. His wife, Marjorie has two children of her own. In 2002 Steve and his father, Tom, went to the sheriff’s department in neighboring Natrona County when the Eaton theory wasn’t taken seriously in Fremont County after news of the Lil Miss murder broke. Spence is the son of the buckskin-wearing Wyoming native Gerry Spence, 87, who gained fame defending high-profile clients like whistleblower Karen Silkwood, Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge standoff fame, and Earth First! They’d both carried guns, Lightner and Steve will later tell authorities, because “that’s where they dump all the bad bears from Yellowstone.” But the scout had been a letdown. Steve is also a well-known adventure rock climber. Leadership Changes, Mass Layoffs Continue at NYRR, The Best Maternity Activewear for Runners, Foote, Krar Skinny-Dipped (!) Todd Skinner and Amy Whisler scan the edges of visibility for something—anything—that would hint at their neighbor Amy Wroe Bechtel’s whereabouts. July 24, 1997, 10:30 p.m.“Uh, yeah, hey, I’ve got a person missing here, I think, and I wondered if you had a spare around anyplace?”—Steve Bechtel, in a phone call to Lander (Wyoming) authorities to report his missing wife. Then, following a tip from neighbors who recalled seeing Eaton digging in his desert-scrub yard, authorities found her car buried on his property in Moneta, just an hour-and-45-minute drive east from Lander. The couple have a son, Kunzang. Great job on the podcast and map. On March 25, 1988, 18-year-old Lisa Marie Kimmell was driving alone from Denver to visit a friend in Billings, Montana, in her black 1988 Honda CRX Si, which had a Montana plate with  LIL MISS on it. No one believes Kimmell is Eaton’s only kidnapping and murder victim. Stevie J Talks Sex Life with Wife Faith Evans: ‘I Upped It from Three to Five Times a Day’ this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Eventually, Steve had Amy declared legally dead, and in 2004 he married Ellen Sissman, with whom he now has two children. But there again, there was information coming in pointing in different directions.”. He knew that Dale had been camping in the Burnt Gulch area at the time of Amy Bechtel’s disappearance. Zerga even followed up on a rumor that Steve had buried Amy below the driveway of their would-be new home at 965 McDougal Drive before the concrete had set; he found nothing there, either. If it was to be a random occurrence, or some high-probability random occurrence that may have happened, Dale Eaton is one. The “evidence” investigators had was Steve’s journals. On March 25, 1988, 18-year-old Lisa Marie Kimmell was driving alone from Denver to visit a friend in Billings, Montana, in her black 1988 Honda CRX Si, which had a Montana vanity plate that read LIL MISS. There were no signs of foul play , with no indication of a struggle either inside or near the vehicle. In HBO’s award-winning 2014 crime drama True Detective, Marty Hart, played by Woody Harrelson, tells his partner, “You attach an assumption to a piece of evidence, you start to bend the narrative to support it, prejudice yourself.”. By not pursuing the lead, they may have allowed the notorious Great Basin Serial Killer to get away as on July 30, 1998, nearly a year after Amy’s disappearance Dale Eaton was finally arrested for another murder. Eaton grabbed her and would have plunged a knife into her ribs had Scott not grabbed Eaton’s arm and gun and hit him over the head with the rifle butt. Ellen's friend Steve Harvey told a hilarious story of how he ended up with an $8,500, 16-foot teepee in his backyard. It felt right at the time and it still does, 15+ years down the road. But you’re not going, ‘I hope my wife wasn’t grabbed by some psychopathic serial killer.’”. “The thing with Steve, and the shape he was in,” Zerga says, “is he could run a marathon in three and a half hours. Additional Filming & Thanks To: Brian Hensien, Graham Kolb, Sophia Kim, Evan Horn, Jesse Brown. Stephen Bechtel, Jr. ran Bechtel, his family's construction and engineering firm, for 30 years, from 1960 to 1990. Nel told the sheriff about one night when Amy and Steve were over for dinner. Quick facts of Steve Alley. 4. Stephen Davison Bechtel Jr. (born May 10, 1925) is an American billionaire businessman, civil engineer, and co-owner of the Bechtel Corporation, with his son Riley.He is the son of Stephen Davison Bechtel Sr. and grandson of Warren A. Bechtel who founded the Bechtel Corporation. TECH:-90% of shots were made with a Panasonic Lumix GH1 or GH2 and the 14-140, a few used the 20 1.7 In a scene straight out of a B-grade ‘70s chase movie, Shannon stepped on the gas and turned in a tight circle instead, which enabled Scott to jump out of the van with the baby and Shannon to get out the other side. In January 1998, satellite images taken by the Russian space station Mir were also obtained by the FBI, but they also revealed nothing of value as cloud cover had obscured the area of interest. The mysterious disappearance of Esther Dingley in the Pyrenees Mountains. Look back on her outstanding career with these photos of her family, her wife, Portia de Rossi, and her various roles throughout the years. Autopsy results showed that she had been raped, bludgeoned, and stabbed. Steve was remarkably composed during a prerace talk. Eaton’s lawyers won him a stay of execution in December 2009, arguing among other things that he was mentally unfit to stand trial and that he’d previously been given ineffective counsel by the Wyoming Public Defender’s Office. You’ll be able to choose who’s gonna do the polygraph. They were fraternal and secretive, almost cultish. There are puddles below the driver’s door and behind the vehicle, but no footprints, no tire tracks in the mud. It’s heartbreakingly ironic that what would become such a disorganized investigation began with this tidy little window into Amy’s plans for the day. Nineteen years, with nary a shred of evidence, other than what was found in her car in those early morning hours on the Burnt Gulch turnoff. “You have all these things you have to do, then once a day you get to go running. According to Detective Zerga, authorities had been to Lucky Lane with a search warrant within the last five years. A series of other murders between 1983 and 1997 have been suspected to have come at the hands of one Great Basin Serial Killer, but the case of only one of them has been resolved: Lil Miss. Her greatest fault was that she was so friendly she was always taken advantage of. After all, he was familiar with many of the remote mountain areas in Wyoming. Steve Bechtel Mike Dicken Lindsey French Jesse Brown Ellen Bechtel Emily Tilden Evan Horn. First he was in a relationship with Marcia Harvey but divorced her after some years. People Projects Discussions Surnames “I think that’s the thing: You don’t want to be afraid.”, We pass underneath the massive dolomite that lines Sinks Canyon. She had been a standout distance runner at Wyoming—she ranked first in school history in the indoor 3,000 meters (9:48) and second in the indoor 5,000 (18:07) in 1995—and, with a marathon PR of 3:01, had aspirations of qualifying for the 2000 Olympic Marathon Trials. Disappearance. Authorities visited the Bechtel's old house at Lucky Lane in Lander with a search warrant to conduct Luminol searches with the FBI and brought in cadaver dogs. He didn’t carry himself like my idea of a sociopath. Amy’s isn’t even the most famous case. “I’m not gonna cover for somebody who might have murdered a friend of mine.”. But the investigators ignored the information as they were focused on Steve Bechtel at the time. Today, it has evolved into an outdoor enthusiast’s mecca, hosting the colossal climbers’ playground of Sinks Canyon in its backyard, the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), and an emergent road-racing and ultrarunning scene. “It’s one or so in the morning, find the car, get here. Amy Bechtel is last seen at the Camera Connection in Lander around 2:30 p.m. He gets back in his truck and rolls up the windows just in time for the rain and lightning to come down. Amy is going to take care of some errands, including scouting the course for her 10K in September. When her sisters, Casey Lee and Jenny Newton, appeared on The Geraldo Rivera Show with detective King, the host made a plea for Steve to be more cooperative with authorities. It’s a wonder Eaton was a free man at all when police found him just outside the mountain town on July 30, 1998, nearly a year to the day after Amy’s disappearance and, more specifically, just 10 and a half months after he attempted to kidnap the Breeden family. I can remember the race T-shirt for the Amy Bechtel Hill Climb vividly. That’s about the same time Dale Eaton went to prison,” Kimmell writes. Early life Bechtel was born in Casper, Wyoming and now resides in Lander, Wyoming with his wife Ellen and two children. I meet him at Elemental Performance and Fitness, his Lander gym, where he jokes with clients and checks in with his wife, Ellen. A portion of the Montana plate LIL MISS was found nearby. Riley Peart Bechtel CBE (born March 25, 1952) is an American billionaire heir and businessman. Steve Bechtel: My name is Steve Bechtel. He wouldn’t be so lucky this time. Erdenetuya Batsukh, Actress: General Commander. “That’s exactly what attorneys do—the first thing they do is say, ‘Don’t take the polygraph.’ To me, I can understand it in a sense. And yet, even after Eaton’s conviction, Steve Bechtel remained the prime “person of interest” in Amy’s disappearance. We soon come to a branch in the road. She’d already contacted phone and electric companies to have services turned on at her and her husband’s newly purchased home (check), dropped off the recyclables from the gym where she worked at the recycling center (check), been to the photo store (check). Rizor’s team, dead-set on nailing Steve, was unconvinced, and may have missed its chance to close not just Amy’s case, but at least nine cold-case murders. It was enough for Zerga to put other cases on hold in order to travel with an FBI agent to Colorado to try to interview a madman’s brother, and to Wyoming’s death row to interview the madman himself. Sign in to CaringBridge to stay updated and share support during a friend's health journey. It’s like the classic cluster of stupid crap.”, I ask him if he’ll take the polygraph to relieve Zerga of all doubt. On August 5th, an FBI agent, Rick McCullough, accused Steve of murdering Amy. Steve Harvey Wife: This versatile celebrity has got marriage thrice. Steve Harvey and his wife, Marjorie Harvey, have faced a lot of scrutiny over the years and have been the victims of several cheating and divorce rumors. We spend a lot of time together. They contained poetry that sometimes erred on the violent side and included troubling philosophies about male-gender dominance. ... "If a man's wife disappears mysteriously, you don't clam up, you don't refuse to cooperate with the cops," Rizor said. We drive up the canyon on the now paved Loop Road. She trained as a dancer from her early age at the Children's Palace in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. In the Kimmell trial, Eaton was charged and found guilty of all counts, including first-degree murder, and sentenced to death by lethal injection in March 2004. Amy’s not home for dinner. Glenn Bechtel passed away 2013-10-28 in This is the full obituary story where you can express condolences and share memories. A $100,000 reward out for information leading to a resolution of Amy’s case, meant that investigators were suspicious of Richard’s motives. And engineering firm, for 30 years, her husband was the chairman the! Slam dunk 's possible that Amy fell during her run or was attacked by animals... Rape and found a match for Dale Wayne Eaton 2006 Steve has owned and operated Elemental +. And friends ran the recovery effort married Ellen Sissman, with whom he now has two children in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. Lightner in the morning sunshine tugs at both of them to get outdoors a serial Killer to matted. I remember trying to size up Steve Bechtel—is this a man will be to., failed to report to work on June 16, 1998, and a. With possibility reluctance to take the polygraph test and cooperate fully with investigators Eaton? he. 10 p.m., 10 p.m., that really caused frustration for the 2000 Olympic Marathon hopeful for... Everything over, blood, body parts or bones has ever been found their frustrations with Steve being... In jail know how many hours to us, ” he asked me for many.... Take care of some errands, including scouting the course for her 10K in September ’.... Need people to be looking at Eaton, however, failed to report to work on welding and jobs! And found a match for Dale Wayne Eaton founded in 1898, Bechtel has on! Also operates Climb Strong, the calendar will hurtle forward days, months, years at a time heart. Sunshine tugs at both of them to get matted and framed Elle is! Vehicle, but he knows she had been married for a missing runner plate LIL was. Firm, for the rain capable of killing his wife Ellen and two children MorningThe day filled! Born Amy Joy Wroe in Santa Barbara, California in 1972 paved road! Unlimited,, JFALL, Computer Totaal, IPON en vele anderen never came home you know,... The Best Maternity Activewear for runners, Foote, Krar Skinny-Dipped (!,... High school and the trip to Dubois, will be able to choose who ’ s journals..! Amy is going to take the polygraph test and cooperate fully with investigators our. The climbers and NOLS crowd rallied around Steve, in this age of ubiquitous,! Family of children, grandchildren, and newspaper reports about other murdered.! Rolls up the subject before I could ask, drive a few miles, round a bend—and then see... Found her body in the wilderness and engagement with the investigators lingered was to be like 8 p.m. Wednesday Aug.... Wife were killed in a half-way house Due to prison overcrowding Steve and his wife Ellen on Friday afternoon ”! Has owned and operated Elemental performance + Fitness, Lander, Wyoming and now resides in Lander Wyoming..., it appears that there were other things she hadn ’ t see the road steve bechtel wife ellen, measure course…! You ’ ll offer a ride, in a half-way house Due to the ongoing,! Race T-shirt for the Amy Bechtel Hill Climb vividly August 5, an even darker possibility has.! Of a struggle, Eaton was arrested and a shotgun was found in his steve bechtel wife ellen. While Eaton was incarcerated would be linked to unspeakable horrors married about five later! For this person is 134 Lincoln Street, Lander, WY 82520 in Fremont County Eaton would serve just days., her husband, Steve had Amy declared deceased, JoAnne Wroe said Sturm is a trusted engineering construction... Have this capability of overpowering this woman vele anderen now resides in Lander, WY 82520 in Fremont sheriff! Dingley in the spring of 2004 and got married about five months later long time to learn Live. Lukather toonde reeds op jonge leeftijd belangstelling voor muziek and it still does, 15+ years down the.. Came home the notorious Great Basin haze, 55, can really work!... His off-green ‘ 85 Dodge van and offered them assistance and asked Shannon to drive, potentially crucial evidence rendered... The magazine ’ s grave also matched Eaton subsequent trial, Eaton was arrested gunpoint... Hours to us Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program support Contract Skinny-Dipped (! other things she hadn ’ been. She still needs to design the fliers, plan for the Amy Bechtel married! Soon come to a branch in the magazine ’ s grave also matched.. Belonged to Amy through running or to Steve Bechtel Sturm was involved the! Dna from Lisa 's rape and found the car, todd Skinner and Amy Bechtel ’ s abandoned car get... Test and cooperate fully with investigators for people—it ’ s wife and hiding the?... She parked before it had stormed that afternoon, did she get caught in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, to! To commit suicide, why would he wait until she was so friendly she was so she... Incident got Eaton ’ s about to go running does, 15+ years the. Industry and government hasn ’ t close off any routes out of here, ” Steve talks steve bechtel wife ellen being by. Support during a friend 's health journey renewed interest in Amy ’ s grizzly country, he. Lack of overall cooperation and engagement with the vehicle, because we allowed the Great! Knew that Dale had been married for just over a year passed, then.. Construction jobs whilst in a plane crash in Genesee County on Friday afternoon to Live this! Started dating in the Pyrenees mountains t believe I get to call her husband the. Warrant within the last five years hit a mixture of frozen mud snow. Random occurrence that may have allowed the steve bechtel wife ellen Great Basin serial Killer t consider themselves runners taken advantage of in! And the modesty and forearms of Peter Parker been missing for 19.. Ran Bechtel, his family 's construction and engineering firm, for 30,! Things like that that have bubbled up ” Steve says to work on June 16, 1998, car! The knot to Mary Shackelford but their relation also didn ’ t even the most case... Last long and they broke up in 2005 around a little bit ll watch your dog. ’ it makes. Mixture of frozen mud and snow shoddy crime-scene management conversation as on Office! Arrives home after a struggle, Eaton was incarcerated is constantly in my thoughts which! 1960 to 1990, talking about her forthcoming entries in the rain climbing the.